About Us

Organizational psychology is a field of science that systematically investigates the emotions, thoughts and behaviors of employees and the triggers arising from work and working life. Its focus is on ensuring the psychological health, well-being and happiness of employees. Thus, we can talk about self-fulfilling employees, decent jobs and healthy workplaces. Creativity, productivity and achievement of goals emerge as a natural result of this process.

Based on this definition, we established “PRISMA- Psychosocial Risk Management Institute” to draw attention to the importance of psychological health in business life.

We brought together researchers and practitioners from the fields of organizational psychology, organizational behavior and clinical psychology.

We are aware that problems related to employee health and safety can be solved by transferring knowledge and experience from different specialties. For this reason, PRISMA brings together organizational psychologists, clinical psychologists, health psychologists, workplace physicians, occupational safety experts and various health science experts on a common platform.

At the core of PRISMA, Assoc. İdil Işık has accumulated knowledge, projects, students she has trained, experts she has worked with, and social ties on a national and global scale in her career in organizational psychology, which has been approaching 30 years. However, PRISMA aims to “go beyond” this core by creating a synergy with its experts, technologies and research opportunities equipped with next-generation competencies.

Innovative and sustainable approaches that will “Guarantee the Quality of Working Life in Turkey” will be the product of this synergy.


Kurucu Ortak

Prof. Dr. İdil Işık

Kurucu Ortak

Uzm. Kln. Psk. Ali Fırat Işık