Do you have a system that guarantees
the psychological health and safety of your employees?
Psychosocial Risk Management Institute (PRISMA),
is ready to support you in the management of psychosocial risks

Our Priorities

  • Practical, Agile and Sustainable Solutions

  • Management System Perspective

  • Decent Work

  • Healthy and Resilient Organizations

Transforming organizational psychology research and theories into practical, agile and sustainable solutions that will protect employee health

To support the establishment of psychological health protective management systems in working life
To ensure that employees gain a “quality work life” experience in which they perceive themselves as valuable, their work worthy of people, and their institutions as reliable.

Guiding employers to build psychologically and socially healthy workplaces and helping them become resilient on an individual and collective scale

//As PRISMA institute

We carry out our work in accordance with ISO 45003 Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace – Guide for Management of Psychosocial Risks.

Prisma Institute serves the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our Services

Psychosocial Risk management consultancy

Flexible Working Management Consulting

Occupational functionality Based Psychosocial Support Program

Employee Assistance Programme

Our Working Approach

Solution oriented approach

Solution-based trainings

Evaluation and follow-up process

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