Ensure your psychological health and safety. Psychosocial Risk Management Institute (PRISMA) provides individual, organizational and sectoral solutions to increase well-being.

Psychosocial risk management consultancy: 
Increase the well-being of your employees.

Psychosocial Risk Management covers the process of identifying risk factors that may affect employee health and well-being, creating a development plan, its implementation and follow-up.

Flexible work management:
Design best time-space work model for you.

The transformation process is designed with the analysis of the flexible life cycle of the enterprises and the time-space flexible working models in line with the Flexible Working Management Standards.

PRISMA Academy: Find suitable training and workshops for you.

Participate in individual, corporate and sectoral trainings in Prisma's areas of expertise, find workshops suitable for your development areas or let us organize them for you.

ISO 45003 consultancy: Ensure psychological health and safety in your workplace.

We support you on shaping your company according to ISO 45003-Psychological health and safety.

PRISMA Psychological first aid: Reduce long-term damage of major events

In times of crisis, traumatic events or in cases where urgent psychological first aid is required, rapid intervention and process management are supported.

Prisma Employee Psychological Assistance Program: Provide easy access to psychological support for employees.

We support the psychological health of employees with goal-oriented, pragmatic and scientifically proven techniques in the workplace.
Investor Personality Test Find out what kind of investor you are.
Discover your psychological characteristics that influence your investment decisions.

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